Suzhou YaoYu Wear Resistant New Materials Co.,Ltd has a joint venture company with Germany Vautid to produce Vautid welding wires for manufacturing chromium carbide overlay plate, so our production cost is much lower than other overlay plate manufacturers. High quality welding materials submit a performance guarantee for produced abrasion resistant steel plate and related wear resistant steel parts making refer to drawings.

YaoYu Wear Resistant New Materials is a well - equipped company, company production facilities are 20 sets chromium carbide overlay plate welding machine, more than 10 sets wear resistant pipe inside welding machine, all the hardfacing machine are self-designed open arc welding process, and the whole hardfacing process is CNC automatic.

Standard thickness are: 10mm (4 on 6), 12mm (6 on 6), 13mm (5 on 8), 14mm (6 on 8),15mm (7 on 8),16mm (8 on 8),18mm (8 on 10),19mm (9 on 10),20mm (10 on 10), 21mm (9 on 12) and 24mm (12 on 12)

Commonly used chromium carbide plate from us is made from Vautid 100, and the weld material is with following chemical composition:

  C   Cr   Si  Mn  Ni  Fe
  4.2~5.45%   25.3~30%  0.7~1.5%  0.2~1%   0.1~0.4%   1~1.5%  Balance

Also, we provide Vautid 143, Vautid 145 wear resistant steel plate for special working environment as clients requirements.

You are welcome to contact us for more details.

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