chromium carbide wear plate cutting and rolling
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Summary:chromium carbide wear plate cutting and rolling

chromium carbide wear plate cutting and rolling


1.Chromium carbide plate cutting size can not be too small, and should have 3-5mm cutting gap before plasma cutting
2.The cutting direction of the overlay wear plate is decided by material and air flow direction. We do not need to consider the welding direction when the wear plates are used as casing liner to convey bulk materials. But when chromium carbide plate is applied as pipeline to transport dust gas, then welding direction would be a concern, which should perpendicular to the air flow direction, in order to avoid any erosion wear to the plate welding gap.
3.After cutting, some small deformation can be adjusted

We have two ways to roll overlay wear plate into shape, hardfacing can be on the outer side or inside. Usually, base plate was extended if hardfacing is on the inside, and this will not affect hard alloy hardfacing layer. But we need to hand repair the welding cracks if necessary when hardfacing is on the outer side.

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