Application of YaoYu wear resistant materials in the cement industry
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Application of YaoYu wear resistant materials in the cement industry

Cement industry abrasive wear problems are becoming a matter of concern for many people, and it is one of the key factors of production cost and economic benefit. However, how to solve wear problem is a complicated process, a number of factors need to be considered but we do not have fixed standard can check for reference, it requires us to think about the actual conditions of different wear parts and make detailed analysis on their wear mechanism repeatedly, so we can work out the most cost-effective solutions. Of course, it is good also to fully consider the chemical composition of base materials and welding method that is available.

With rich experience in wear field, Zhangjiagang YaoYu mastered a lot of sufficient data, especially for cement industry wear products that applied to vertical mill (typically LOESCHE and FLSmidth), roller, crusher, separator, fan , hopper and chute, we have developed different welding materials and solutions under the help of Germany Vautid GmbH.

For more chromium carbide overlay plate engineering cases in cement industry, please contact YaoYu for details.

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