Q235B+hardfacinh chromium carbide wear resistant alloy
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Summary:High comprehensive properties of VAUTID YAOYU chromium carbide overlay plate

Product Name: chromium carbide wear plate
Place of Origin: Suzhou, China
Specification: base plate thickness: 4-20mm
            hardfacing thickness: 3-14mm

High comprehensive properties of VAUTID YAOYU chromium carbide overlay plate
1. Excellent wear resistance: abrasion test showed that the wear resistance of chromium carbide wear plate is 20-30 times higher than ordinary steel plate, 10 times higher than cast stainless steel, high manganese steel, and 8 times higher than that of the cast high ferrochrome
2. Impact resistance: base plate Q235B is mild steel plate, and hardfacing layer is super-hard materials with chromium carbide clad, this reflected double advantages of being long wear resistance and impact toughness, also is to be casting wear resistant materials not as good as.
3. Easy processing: cut overlay wear plate to size, and is very convenient to apply it to other parts by welding. Wear resistant chromium carbide plates can be processed into a variety of lining plate in particular easy to wear parts, solving the problems come from shortage of spare parts and poor wear resistance.
4. High performance and low cost: high hardness chromium carbide overlay plate might mean higher costs, its pricing is approximately 3-4 times higher than ordinary steel and may 25% cheaper than high chrome stainless steel castings, but it reduced maintenance costs, also human and financial losses caused by factory shutdown stop the shortfall in output all when we take machine parts service lifetime into consideration. Thus the rational use of materials will bring double harvest.

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